Paroles Devil's Bite de Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
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  • Artiste: Todd Rundgren37534
  • Chanson: Devil's Bite
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Textes et Paroles de Devil's Bite

Who's that knockin' on my door?
Who's that rising up from under the floor?
I know. I can hear that demon roar,
But I don't care, I ain't gonna hear it no more.

I don't care, I paid my dues last year,
Have no fear, now it's time that I clear out of here.
Just let you know before I go.

Are you devil or death?
You'll have to bow, ain't no power on earth can stop me now,
I have done all things that make it right,
To keep me out of the devil's bite.

Heaven sent me down a sign
Things were bad but now I'm doin' fine
So you better step back cross that line
Now I can't see you but for one last time.
I can see you marked my life like a scar
So you are
But it don't take a star to go far.
I'll let you on, before I'm gone.

I knew someday you'd be along,
Swingin' your tail and singin' a dead man's song,
Just when things get good you want your take
But you're wrong, 'cause I'm leaving this shell
And I'm movin' on.

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