Paroles If Not Now, When? de Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
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  • Artiste: Todd Rundgren37534
  • Chanson: If Not Now, When?
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Textes et Paroles de If Not Now, When?

Someone stuck me on the losing side
Everything is someone else's fault
We're not good enough for me to care

And the mantra is
"Too much effort, there's never time"
And your sole solution is a high pitched whine
It's not red-hot coals, it's not busted glass
There's no Mau-Maus after your sweet pink ass

So if not now when, if not now when, if not now when?
If not you, who then?

No one wants to be the first to fail
I won't play unless you guard my back

And the mantra is
"Change the system, and please arrange it
To change some way that I feel no change"
It's not flaming necklaces, household spies
There's no market bombings, no bullets fly

Bosnia, Bosnia
Try spelling "Herzegovina"
Where money talks and bullshit walks
The bullet or the ballet box

Babylon, oh Babylon
We babble on in Babylon
The TV blows, the music sucks
The bullet or the ballot box

We're not good enough for me to care

And the mantra is
"Leave the gun on the table loaded
The first to grab it's as good as voted in"

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