Paroles In The End de Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
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  • Chanson: In The End
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Textes et Paroles de In The End

Christ-like sacrifice!
Pass that cup to me
I will bear the price
If the puny and insignificant
Are to have a glimpse of peace
Then someone much like I myself
Almost exactly like I myself
Must rise above the rabble
By helping them to their knees
As this is how I see myself

I might as well anoint myself
For the greater good of us all
You'll thank me in the end
For the loss of the weak and small
You'll thank me in the end
Though it may seem painful at first
You'll thank me in the end
And you'll wonder how things could get worse
You may not reach the end

Speak my name as your last breath is spent
When you were lost in your ignorant haze
And afraid of the dark
I led you out again!
When you dreamed that God was love
And life was a lark
I woke you up again!

For my sacrifice
Who will bear the price?
The extraordinary problems
That occur from day to day
Require somebody like myself
Let's say exactly like I myself
So that ordinary labors
May proceed with least delay
So we've elected me myself
Since we can think of no one else
When you're in the mood to complain
You'll call me in the end
Then for things that I'll do in your name
You'll blame me in the end

But if I use the right choice of words
Your family and friends
You'd betray like a cowardly turd
Then refuse to watch the end
Then we'll go through the whole thing again

And when I'm standing astride your backs
With my head in the stars
You'll take me in the end
While I'm bending you over and
Screwing you hard in the arse
You'll love me in the end

Pass that whip to me
Let us raise the price
Never knowing love
Just so you can believe a power above
This is my sacrifice!
You'll thank me
You'll thank me in the end
You'll like me in the end
You'll love me in the end
You'll praise me in the end
You'll thank me

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