Paroles Love Of The Common Man de Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
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  • Artiste: Todd Rundgren37534
  • Chanson: Love Of The Common Man
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Textes et Paroles de Love Of The Common Man

I've been burned in my prime
The simple things in life
Seem so hard to learn sometimes
And it takes so long
Catch it while you can
Too late tomorrow
And everyone

Said we all know what comes of that
Living in your pockets and talking through your hat
But it won't take long
To turn your head around
Too late tomorrow
'Cause everyone needs the love of the common man
Turn the world around
Too late tomorrow
'Cause everyone

Everyone is waiting, just anticipating on you
Won't you make a showing everybody knows what to do
Take a dive from your ivory tower
And fall on everyone will catch you, everyone

I would be so pleased to spend some time
To hear a little talk about what's been on your mind
'Cause it don't take long
To turn my head around
If it comes easy
'Cause everyone needs the love of the common man
Turn the world around
Too late tomorrow
'Cause everyone

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