Paroles One Good Reason de Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
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  • Chanson: One Good Reason
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Textes et Paroles de One Good Reason

Just give me one good reason
I know somehow, there's got to be one
I wasn't born every minute of every day
I never feel this way

I fought hard to keep my freedom
But when I think of things that we've done
I give what I keep, and I keep what I give away
Is this a good sign, I'm on a thin line

One good reason is all I need
Say the word and I'll cut you free
What was nothing just yesterday
Could be something that's here to stay
One good reason and I might go either way

Give me some indication
It's not my imagination
Something is born every minute of every day
Something could come my way

I just need one good reason
To make me stay instead of leaving
I never knew how to be any other way
Maybe there's still hope
I'm on a tight rope

One good reason is all I need
To take the heart that is tempting me
Make a move that could change your life
Never know if it's wrong or right
One good reason is all I need tonight

It just takes one good reason
My body sweats, my hands are freezing
I don't make decisions like this every single day
What do I have to say
Just give me one good reason
Give me one good reason

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