Paroles 5-Inch Catwalk de Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade
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  • Artiste: Tokyo Blade6037
  • Chanson: 5-Inch Catwalk
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Textes et Paroles de 5-Inch Catwalk


Well the almighty God of Rock 'n' Roll
Spoke to me again, he said
Hey son go out, go get the woman you love
You must understand
That she's the only one
With a skin as soft as cotton wool
You lay down with drinks all day
In the sun, by the pool you know?

She's doin' that crazy crazy walkin' all her life
Well she's the beauty with the sparkling eyes so bright
And she's tired of the black men's 'Jumbo Jumbo' in the night

She's got the 5 inch catwalk rock 'n' roll
5 inch catwalk as it goes
5 inch catwalk rock 'n' stroll
5 inch catwalk overdose

Yeah everybody loves that baby
But the baby don't love nobody else but me
In bed she's like a hot potato
Don't touch her with your crippled knees
Oh yeah the beast inside me needs a woman
Tongue between legs would be great
Well I am horny, that's OK
Oh baby, baby please come let us play

She's doin...

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