Paroles More Than A Pretty Face de Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade
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  • Artiste: Tokyo Blade6037
  • Chanson: More Than A Pretty Face
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Textes et Paroles de More Than A Pretty Face


Oh I know love is the name of the game
But what I'm feeling, well it ain't the same
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you've got me on my knees
There ain't a doctor with a miracle cure to shoot inside of me

Oh the way she talks, the way she walks
The way she throws her hair when she walks down the city streets
Its a criminal offence (oh yeah)
Oh her stiletto heeled strut could start a cardiac, oh that's a fact
She's a certified thief of hearts (oh yeah)
She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen

More than a pretty face
Smoother than a slick black limousine
More than a pretty smile
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
(Oh you know what I mean)
Oh she's more (yeah)
more (yeah)
Oh much more than a pretty face

I know the symptoms and I've got them all
I need her affection before I stumble and fall
Oh deep down inside you know that its a crime
Just you and me on the back seat honey, we could have a hell of a time

Oh the ways she talks...

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