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Tokyo Blade
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  • Chanson: Watch Your Step
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Textes et Paroles de Watch Your Step


Just when you thought that it was safe
Spin me round back in the race
I'm the runners gunning for you
We have doubt were gonna win through

Take my hand and I'll lead you astray
Promised this then never pay
I thought life was easy
Then I learnt the rules

We can take it
We can give it too
We can take it
And give it to you

Watch your step
Keep In line
On your guard 'cos were right behind
Watch your step
Keep in line
On your guard 'cos were right behind

No place to hide now you feel disgraced
Man & mouse, face to face
The lack of justice, the truth wins through
I found you out, you play to use

All the lies and the cheating
This is your judgement day
I thought that life would be easy
Now it's time to pay


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