Paroles One more time (some old habits) de Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane
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  • Artiste: Tom Cochrane37580
  • Chanson: One more time (some old habits)
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Textes et Paroles de One more time (some old habits)

Another place in another time
I'd know that face anywhere
Without a trace and without a sign
Anytime you could come to me
In the night
When you thought
No one should have known
With your hard luck little girl look
And the trouble that you'd own
You'd come like the wind
When the night got so cold
And leave with the light
Like you didn't even know you'd
Come at all

One more time
You could walk back in
One more time
It's the same south highway again
One less chance and then one less mistake
Some old habits are hard to break
Like you

If a heart could ever learn to say goodbye
And not let time take the best away
Still I Learn
Look down and I'd ask knowing why
Still this time is the destiny
I'd wait while you climb your golden stair
Hard luck then little girl
I know it's nowhere
Still you feel
They beat on you like a drum
If you get tired, torn and wasted
You know I'd never be one


So many times
When it gets hard to
See the truth
When you got to survive you
Tow the line and you compromise
Until you live a lie

Another place in another time
I'd know that face anywhere and I
Without a trace and without a sign
I still remember

CHORUS (twice)

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