Paroles If Woody Guthrie Went To Baghdad de Tom Flannery

Tom Flannery
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  • Chanson: If Woody Guthrie Went To Baghdad
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Textes et Paroles de If Woody Guthrie Went To Baghdad

If Woody Guthrie went to Baghdad
whadda think he'd do?
I betcha he'd load up his guitar
and sing a song or two
find out where the children play
fill his pockets with this and that
and give it all away to see a smile
his own unique combat

If Woody Guthrie went to Baghdad
whadda you think he'd wear?
an army helmet would never fit
over that mop of hair
maybe just a pair of working boots
with his feet poking through
to gauge the heat on the ground
for the unchosen few

If Woody Guthrie went to Baghdad
whadda you think he'd say?
if a man pointed a gun at him
and told him to go away?
I bet Woody would scratch his head
maybe tilt it to the right
and say "son I've got guitar picks older than you...
besides I got a date tonight"

If Woody Guthrie went to Baghdad
would he make it home alive?
or would he get himself into trouble
on the day that he arrived?
which side do you think
would dare to take him on?
those lovers of the bible
or of the Koran?

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