Paroles Never de Tom Jones

Tom Jones
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  • Chanson: Never
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Textes et Paroles de Never

From the first time that I heard you I knew
I'd be hooked on you forever like the blues
People told me you would hurt me, so untrue
Cos after all these years, you're the one thing thats still here
Cos of you there's no alone
You've been with me through it all

Never Never Never Never gonna give you up
running through my blood
Never Never Never Never leaving you behind
Always on my mind
Can't get enough of your highs and your lows
You take me places where nobody goes
And if you went away, I would never be the same

Oh your sweetness is like sugar on my lips
When you're not around its your melody that I miss
Like an old friend you come back to me so quick
And after all this time I've still got you in my life
You and me we're going strong
You and me we still belong

[Chorus x3]

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