Paroles Malocchio de Tomahawk

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  • Artiste: Tomahawk6481
  • Chanson: Malocchio
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Malocchio

Chew it! Chew it! Chew it to spit it out
Spewing your beings
Chew on history with you
Bloodhound, nose to the ground
Hunting the big game, I'm through
And I want to be more than a stomach on four legs
It's true
So drain me, embalm me
I'm moving to a higher venue
Up the food chain
Up on two
Eat the sky
Stand up straight
On hind legs and cry
Chew it! Chew it! Chew it to spit it out!
And now that I'm standing
Nervous organs dangling from you
I'm blushing like red-roses
The earth is my whorehouse
My zoo
Chew it! Chew it! Chew it!
Spit it out!
Squeeze your mothers neck
'Til the kicking stops
The memories stop
Chew it, chew it, chew it to spit it out! [X4]
Chew it! Chew it! Chew it!
Spit it out!

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