Paroles Time Is The Healer de Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi
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  • Artiste: Tony Iommi6482
  • Chanson: Time Is The Healer
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Textes et Paroles de Time Is The Healer

There's some people that you believe in
And people want you for more
And I won't deceive you
Just let me receive the same thing
We're both looking for

Time to face the real life
Time to open the door
Time to make decisions
It's time to even the score
Time to kill the sadness
Time just can't be denied
Time to make you wonder?
And time to cast it aside

Inside the garden of plenty
Is a price that we'll all have to pay
There is a race with no colour
Now I want you to hear what I say
Won't you bring me some water
And I will give you my blood
But you won't give me your time
Now have I been misunderstood?

Time to catch your spirit
Time to find who you love
Time to find a new beginning
Time will fall from above
Time outside of the mirror
Time to break away
Cos time is the forgiver
And time will show you the way
Oh yes it will

You know I have nothing planned
I want you to understand
Now won't you just let it be?
Cos time heals your memory

Time is the healer
Time, time, time is the healer
Time to catch the real life

Time is the healer

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