Paroles Legends de Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder
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  • Chanson: Legends
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Textes et Paroles de Legends

Count the days till the setting sun
Follow blindly into the light
Eyes are transfixed upon hues of gold
Embrace the rays of eternity

I have searched undying for King Solomon's mines
I have solved the riddles of alchemy

I have heard the secrets whispered from the mouth of the sphinx
I was witness at the Oracle at Delphi
I have visited the paradise of Shangri-La
I plan to be buried at Petra, the city of tombs

I've been lost in the labyrinths of Knossos
Yet I have found the gold of Eldorado
I have read the prophecies at the cave of Cumae
I have seen Helen abducted from Troy

I reside at the Earth's center, the Kingdom of Agartha
I have climbed the steps to Heaven in the Tower of Babel
I haunt the seas eternal, for shooting at the Holy Ghost
I have seen the phantom army at Loe Bar

I was born on the continent of Mu
I have scoured the jungles, in search of City X
I have handed down my judgement at the Temple of Poseidon
I await the Armageddon , the coming Day of Yahweh

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