Paroles The Butcher de Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder
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  • Artiste: Torn Asunder37710
  • Chanson: The Butcher
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Textes et Paroles de The Butcher

Bound and gagged, tied to a pole
A line of heritage, I must uphold
Her tender flesh, on which I'll feed
Cutting her open, watching her bleed

Screaming in pain, carve off her skin
Uncovering flesh that awaits me within
Carving up flesh, hacking up meat
Rip out her organs, intestines I eat
I eat

Abducting and killing, fulfilling a need
Carcass and carnage, a hunger for meat
Dissecting the living as remains decay
Consuming the meat, of those I slay

Bodily fluids, puss and gore
Cover my body, blanket my floor
Decaying smells begin to arise
Consuming the meat, remains I hide

Bodies buried in unmarked graves
Consumable meat freezer saved
Horrid slaughters, my sickening deed
Another victim, another butcher complete

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