Paroles The Flicker Of Light de Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder
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  • Artiste: Torn Asunder37710
  • Chanson: The Flicker Of Light
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Textes et Paroles de The Flicker Of Light

Lights flicker as the candles burn
Molested by the wind
Causing the shadows to dance
Enkindle the inanimate to life

The flicker of light
Illuminating words that I write
Coruscating the darkened room
Words gleaming within my eyes

Lights flicker as the candles burn
Sparking memories of seasons past
Happiness engulfed and gone
Burning within the flames

Lights flicker as the candles burn
The sky grows dark with rain
The candle, my only light
Memories within my words

Lights flicker as the candles burn
Extinguished by the wind
Memories gone with the scent of smoke
Words I have written but have never spoke

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