Paroles Without Honor de Torn In Two

Torn In Two
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  • Artiste: Torn In Two37712
  • Chanson: Without Honor
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Textes et Paroles de Without Honor

An immoral degradation of the body, of an act that is sacred. Self respect stripped away from every stitch of cloth removed. Taken, destroyed, used for money. Forgotten what this was created for, there is no beauty here. The minds of men warped to treat women without respect. She cries alone behind closed doors. She dies. And we feed off it. We feed off her dismay. She dies as beauty dies. Through the eyes of lust. No more will I sit and watch them rape. It is never justified, you cant deny it. And still on the other side... she's dead. Who of you will stand? who of you will resist? Who of you will fight this subtle war? Moral decay, no one cares. Women scared, beauty dies.

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