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Torture Squad
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  • Chanson: Cyberwar
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Textes et Paroles de Cyberwar

The third war is breaking out
Some spectators standing about
Forces in motion, virtual war
Digital armies marching on before
Boundaries worldwide must be made
Against a terrorist crusade
Cybernetic power is invincible
This kind of war is invisible

Crackers, hackers
Code of deciphers
In the cyber core
Destroying... the cyberwar

like a military organization
Notable for its high information
They command, control and reach their goal
I'm feeling that some heads are gonna roll
Malicious software prepared to attack
Computers, sensors, data tracks
Cybernetic power is invincible
This kind of war is invincible

Imagine an army of crackers coming to the fore
Bringing chaos to the order marching in a war
In obscurity
Is cracking systems
Of security
Our privacy

A new battle is happening on the virtual floor
Denial of service in the web
Don't try anymore!
A new world
A sad reality
What's the future
Of this mentality?
To kill?
To fell?
Orga and Mecha more and more unreal

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