Paroles Man Behind The Mask de Torture Squad

Torture Squad
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  • Chanson: Man Behind The Mask
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Textes et Paroles de Man Behind The Mask

[Father David:]
"Father Joseph, what's going on?
What's the matter with you?

[Father Joseph:]
"I can't stand living in this chaos anymore!"

[Father David:]
"What do you mean?"

[Father Joseph:]
"I need to confess..."

[Father David:]
"Father Joseph, just tell me what happened to you and then God will wash you sins away...
Don't worry brother. The holy church will keep this matter as a secret... I promise you..."

Legions of demons tormenting my head
Screaming and shouting in a living nightmare
Restless pain and depression
Hear me crying disturbed in
Preaching false confessions
I can fell the consequences of my actions

Choices come to grieve
Feeding a false belief
I'm stagnant, stiff

Violation of sacred convictions
In the name of profane blasphemy
Satisfy my secret desire
I feel my body burns in
And higher
I'm a live wire
Shadows ruling me in my black desire
Monster is my name
Deep inside insane
My life was a terrible mistake

Lost... and poor.
In the dark... so cruel
Living in disgrace... I feel
All my life... stands still

Man behind the mask

Secrets about my libertine past
Revealing behind that innocent mask

Rites of pure depravity
Of a righteous soul being dissolved in
Double personality
Like Jackyl and Hyde, I'm a tragic fatality
Faith left behind
What's happening to my mind?
Sick desires make me blind

Lost... and poor.
In the dark... so cruel
Living in disgrace... I feel
All my life... stands still

Lost poor dark cruel

Sickly desires make me blind
What's happening to my mind?
Faith thrown onto the fucking ground
Where is the sacred truth?

"Kneel down before the Holy Christ and He will forgive all your sins..."

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