Paroles Enveloped In Python de Tourniquet

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  • Artiste: Tourniquet6492
  • Chanson: Enveloped In Python
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Textes et Paroles de Enveloped In Python

[Words & Music: Ted Kirkpatrick]

[Indian Recorder solo: Ted] My pet, my pet-how fun you are
I trust you so much I even leave the cage door ajar
You'd never harm me, but just to be safe-I admire you from afar

The coiling is fast
This time it's your last
Your soul asphyxiated
Final chance for escape terminated
Enveloped in Python
Constriction complete

So harmless - me the master - you the slave
I reach out to touch you - I'm getting so brave
You affect me but little - I still haven't changed
And to those who find me abrasive - it's you that's deranged

The coiling is fast
This time it's your last
Your soul asphyxiated
Finalchance of escape terminated
Enveloped in Python
Constriction complete

Enveloped in Python
Constriction complete

Where dreams become nightmares
Of total defeat
Not just a white line or an addiction of some kind
[Indian Recorder solo: Ted]
But entanglement with anger or to bitterness bind

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