Paroles Exoskeletons de Tourniquet

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  • Artiste: Tourniquet6492
  • Chanson: Exoskeletons
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Textes et Paroles de Exoskeletons

[Words Guy Ritter, Music by Guy Ritter, Gary Lenaire]

Waiting in fear
My stepfather's prey
Mother's mistake
Now I'm blackmailed not to say

Try to explain
To a starving child
The check's in the mail
But it hasn't arrived
We've got money for weapons
And appeals to crimes
Shadrack of Kenya
May never reach five

Look around and I will show you now
A world that needs a way out
Look around and I will show you how
A man can gain understanding

Can you tell that it's me?
Chemo has arrived
Like a drive-by shooting
Both the good and bad cells die

The funeral's delayed
Until the newlyweds arrive
They pull him from the car
That she followed behind
State of panic reasoning
Interrupts while she cries
Summons the priest
Can you fit two inside?

Time has no respect for man
Rain falls on the good and bad
Though we may not understand
We can choose to watch or extend our hands

Look around and I will show you now
A world that needs a way out
Look around and then look at yourself
Because you can help them out

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