Paroles People Want To Kill Each Other de Toxic Narcotic

Toxic Narcotic
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  • Chanson: People Want To Kill Each Other
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Textes et Paroles de People Want To Kill Each Other

People want to kill each other
People want to kill each other
Like clockwork it happens every day
That's ok I hate them anyway
Get over it - Get on with it
Somethings never change
We don't have time to waste
Its always been the same
It's a no win human race
Another's laid to rest
It happens to the best
What a dying shame
Anger is to blame

Get over it - Get over it - Get on with it
Get on with it - Get on with it - Get over it
People want to kill each other
People want to kill each other
Murder is our future and our past
It's not the first and sure won't be the last

It has always been the same since day one when
a caveman grabbed a rock and went and killed
someone. It might have been a rival for some-
thing to eat, programmed for survival
Violence is instinct
Not it's modern day and nothing really
changed, replace the rock with a gun
Just point and take aim.
Now there's many reasons religion, race or
greed, programmed for survival
violence is instinct!

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