Paroles Populution de Toxic Narcotic

Toxic Narcotic
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  • Artiste: Toxic Narcotic18055
  • Chanson: Populution
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Textes et Paroles de Populution

no compromise, outright reject
your excuses, lies, responsible for neglect
cause the drastic decay has begun to infect
what you thought was okay all fucking wrecked
standing alone, as the the future reigns to stain what's home
with no control, as the slimy resin takes it's toll
Capitol - Lies, to insure the system keeps us poor
Everyone dies, grinding at the schemes to feed them more and more
I'm justified, for all that's done to reverse the tide
Aware and unaware can collide
To expose the fact, there's no place to hide

Shit's fucked, just watch the world die
Cause you can, cause the man's not tired of your cry
till silent run the gears of motoring change
Crippled by the overbearing scum we create
There's no "just in case", upon us is waste
I don't wanna hear it cause it can't be replaced
look around see you fucked your world up
All the things you do finally caught up with you
Come on, no need to consider this
It's not our fight it's for environmentalists
Wrong you gluttonist scum.
Segregat, separate, delay your doom impending fate
Thought youre safe, safe are few, find out who youve been sold out to
Perpetuate the company, kill it off tree by tree
Rape, burn, infecting it, profit while we live in shit
Buy some time, let others fight the uphill climb
Too late for us there's no sense in even trying
Forfeight, scum creator you succumb
Into it, unsaddle or battle till done
Caught amongst the politics of throwing rocks and swinging sticks
Goneis our last chance to fix, you stupid fucking hypocrites
Futures all a heavy ball wrapped around your neck you fall
Ball sinked, to it youre linked, finding out we'll be extinct

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