Paroles Ruined de Toxic Narcotic

Toxic Narcotic
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  • Artiste: Toxic Narcotic18055
  • Chanson: Ruined
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Textes et Paroles de Ruined

The day they split the atom was a great advance
Our future was destroyed before we had a chance

Ruined the rest of your life
Ruined the rest of my life
Ruined the rest of your life
Ruined the rest of all life

Just one mistake or release of radiation
nuclear waste for a thousand generations


Just look at this society
So proud of what they're doing
Before we ever had a choice
They left this world in ruin

The voices of millions have been silenced by the few
The poisons of their progress is what's slowly killing you
To change the course of their mistakes there's little we can do
The lies have been exposed and were dieing from the truth

The one day before has become out last
Humanity destroyed and our cities turned to ash


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