Paroles Open arms de Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman
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  • Chanson: Open arms
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Textes et Paroles de Open arms

If love is what you want
Baby here I am
If tenderness is what you need
I've got that to give
If you need some affection
Baby these are open arms
Open arms, open arms, open arms, open arms
You come hem you've had a hard day
Every door you tried to open
Was closing in your face
I'm right here I'll be right here
I'll embrace you

I'll be open with my heart
I'll let you in
I'll be open with my thoughts
I'll be your best friend
If you need some attention
Baby these are open arms
Open arms, open arms, open arms, open arms

Every corner you turn
Trouble come your way
But when you get home
I'll try to be there
And I'll embrace you

These are
These are
These are
Open arms

If time is what you need
Baby I'll stop the clocks
If you're looking for something
Maybe I've got what you want
If there's one thing to remember
Don't forget that these are open arms
Open arms, open arms, open arms, open arms

These are
These are
These are
Open arms

  "Matters of the heart [#9]"

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