Paroles Long Wet Kiss de Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence
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  • Chanson: Long Wet Kiss
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Textes et Paroles de Long Wet Kiss

If I was lost on the ocean stranded in the middle of the sea
I'd have to live on devotion hopin' that you'd rescue me
If I was nearin' the end and runnin' out of time
The only thing that would keep me alive
It's your long wet kiss in the mornin that I can't resist
Can't deny it when it feels like this there's nothin' more I would miss
Than your long wet kiss
[ guitar ]
Some men are driven by diamonds some they are drawn to gold
I could live life on desire with only your body to hold
If I was pushed to the edge and had to offer my life
Darling I would pay any price I wouldn't think twice
It's your long wet kiss...
[ guitar ]
It's your long wet kiss...

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