Paroles Earthquake de Trae Tha Truth

Trae Tha Truth
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  • Artiste: Trae Tha Truth52491
  • Chanson: Earthquake
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Textes et Paroles de Earthquake

I am in 2011 still screwed up
Thrown .. like it is about to be the … up
Fuck the world I swear they fucked my mood up
And the recession the people fucking my food up
I hear bleed and tell him to put his dogs on it
.. told him to put his .. on it
Ne dreams MB but I play the game
I play the B you mother fuckers know the name
I am talking all night sit on white bricks
.. I need this nights fix
Bitches trying to see I tell them to look harder
Be the .. leave you'll never be a starter
I only love money that's why the nigger hustle
Million dollar crib yeah bitch I really hustle
100% real I don't know how to fake
Fuck with me and get your earthquake

I am moving slow getting fast money
Move .. and I'll put you on your ass dummy
I am a G I'm gonna take you whatever
Let the 90 hit up the block and .. whatever
Haters .. tripping like they know balance
Money and .. balance
Fuck it all I know is that I am getting dope
I am blowing slow back door and go hunting for more
You can find me in the ..
Try to move it to a couple states …
I am gonna need a couple breaks
But again fuck it I don't plan to stop

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