Paroles Cosmic Zero Equation de Transcending Bizarre?

Transcending Bizarre?
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  • Artiste: Transcending Bizarre?39053
  • Chanson: Cosmic Zero Equation
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Textes et Paroles de Cosmic Zero Equation

Into the night I seek to reach the void's cell
To enter galaxies of matter and antimatter
Never to be One

All equations were meant to be zero
Irreversible reconstruction
In zero time

Emperor of all powers of light
The fallen king of dust
In Oblivion now he's frightened
We must invade his throne

Versatile and tiny
So tiny to be real
Behold the slaughter, the witchcraft!!
Never to be One

Darkness calls and I answered for all men
An existence for no existence
In zero time

Like us
Galaxies were meant to be in love
A romance hidden in the stars

Darkness calls and I answered for all men
An existence for no existence
In zero time

Frozen streams
And cold landscapes to live in,
Blackest void
A reason for us to die or…….?

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