Paroles Descarte's Wrath de Transcending Bizarre?

Transcending Bizarre?
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  • Chanson: Descarte's Wrath
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Textes et Paroles de Descarte's Wrath

There is an unknown rhythm in the Universe
A rhythm that binds all things
And the one who deviates
Will be insane, will be cursed...

"I revolt at the sight of these creatures
but no one will avoid chastisement
My wrath now governs my body
Their deeds are an insult to the king"

Their future was preordained
And their hybrids will now turn against them
Like a bolt

"Who are you men? Why you think you worth more than a worm?"

"Disgusting men, you live in shame
you can't see more than your eyes
your only concern is your damned vanity
Try to flutter your wings and you'll fall
Consigned to your delusions, you have shaped a world where you are the only King"

"Who are you men? Why you think you worth more than a worm?"

The throne is wreathed in mist
This wisdom's Mathusaleh
His attitude would soon change
His Love has turned to Wrath

The Empire of Mind has failed
Their hybrids will now turn against them
Descarte's deadliest wrath
would descend upon them

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