Paroles A New Saturn! de Transcending Bizarre?

Transcending Bizarre?
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  • Artiste: Transcending Bizarre?39053
  • Chanson: A New Saturn!
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Textes et Paroles de A New Saturn!

Come herds
The most inexperts

Burned and reeked like a scarecrow
To banish the patencies far
Some watery creatures
To live full of patience
So strange from distant view..

Eat them All!!
A new Saturn!

With sounds they communicate
And bow with some papers
The vine tree grows up free
Let all the wine for the privileged maggots
Moderated with qualms

Deprive all the lust and the passion
From a differ man

A dead march, a cosmos
A breath with no air
When birds sing

For irrational joy....

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