Paroles I Wanna Rock de Trey Songz

Trey Songz
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  • Artiste: Trey Songz8925
  • Chanson: I Wanna Rock
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Textes et Paroles de I Wanna Rock

I Wanna Rock Right Now, Songz Prolly Playin On Ya Block Right Now. I'm So Internationally Known, Catch Me At The London With Ya Girl Ya Home. Sound Like Mike Jack And If It's The Right Track, Then You Know I Might Jack, Til The CPR (Nod), Never Get His Life Back. Colder THen A Ice Pack, Bark I'm a Bite Back, Head Crack, Yeah Jack. Never Get The Dice Back, Bing Bank, Nah No Chevy Chase, Show A Lot Of Love But They Still Hate Levitate, Talk A Whole Lot Of Game But They Never Play! Bench Ridin, Since Idin, Been Startin, Beg Pardon, Nigga Never That! I Be Every Where That These Other Niggas Never At! Smell Like Cheese Walk Around With A Cheddar Pack. Oh My God I'm Hard As A Metal Pack, I'm So Hot Right Now. I'm a Never Let Up Or Forgive Em' For The Time They Didn't Get Him, Cause The Number One Position I Got Right Now! Ain't Because Of Nothin, Yeah They Love Em' Cause I Made It, If You Hate Em' It's Because Me Got Ya Girl On My Jock Right Now! Try And Critize My Style, Nigga Try And Buy My Style, Pricless, Like Life Is, No Purchase, Flow Perfect, (Whaaat?) Well Almost Niggas Say We All Dope, Cleaner Then A Bar Of Soap, Fresher Then Some ToothPaste, Real Niggas Recongize, Most Niggas Too Fake! Call Me Tell The Truth Trey, I Ain't Never Lied Niggas Faker Than Toothpick, Whole Game Fiacso, Go And Ask Lupe! He Goin Say Tu'Shae, Life Like A Mov-ae, Watch Like Blu-Ray, Diamonds Shinin, Get It Nigga Blu-Ray! Whinin, Dinner, She Just Wanna Do Trey. Do You Know Who I Am Let Me Introduce Me, Which One Of Ya'll Goin Home With Triggaaaa! 5 6 Of Ya'll In The Car Go Figureee, Call Me Young Hov Cause It Ain't No Nigga, Quick On The Job Can't Paint No Picture, Like I Can, Catch Me On The iCam, Ustreamin, You Seen It, You Dreamin, Me All Up Between It, Jodeci They Know It's Me That Always Be Feinin!

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