Paroles Retribution de Trigger The Bloodshed

Trigger The Bloodshed
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  • Artiste: Trigger The Bloodshed39908
  • Chanson: Retribution
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Textes et Paroles de Retribution

Heavy foot steps still remind me
How you would say goodnight
The darkness is my witness
This pain can never be washed away
Broken by this shadow of a man
This pain will never end will never end
Fear of death as shadows creep
Fear of death never never ends
I can't keep this to myself
My insides crawl with sickness over and over again
Again over and over again so here I stand
Beneath a broken man your life flashes before you
Tied down let down your blood soaks these sheets
Tied down let down
You can never be pure all life has been drained
You can never be pure raped and tortured

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