Paroles Lame de Trina

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  • Artiste: Trina5688
  • Chanson: Lame
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Textes et Paroles de Lame

Na nigga fuck out my face lame ass nigga
I don't know You nigga get fuck outta here don't be standing close to me get back get the fuck over I don't want no drink hell na buy my own bottle I'll buy you a bottle too broke ass nigga fuck outta here Yup

You a lame small watch itty bitty chain You a lame Runnin round thinking You da mane Yous a lame missed me with that weak ass game Yous a lame You so lame nigga You a lame always Talking bout Ya Friends Yous a lame Nigga Probably workin with The feds Yous a lame You ain't really got no change Yous a lame You so lame Nigga Yous a Lame

[Verse 1:]
Who You think You Foolin Boi I Know You Lame Can't even See The cross Is That Your Baby Chain Think You spittin Game My ears Catching Pain Your trap bumpin hard Why Ya Shoes Don't Have A Name gingivitis Breath Cause Ya Talkin shit I Know Everytime You Lyin Cause You Grab Ya Dick That's A Fuckin Rental You Just Threw On Tints You fucked That Ugly girl Why You don't claim Ya Chick thought You slanging Bricks You ain't Hurcules them Lil Nickle Bags You Mo Like Minimi You Just offending me gon be a tragedy if You fix Yo Thoughts It's a chance You Gon Be fucking me no I don't want Your number no I don't wanna give You Mine && No I don't wanna meet You no Where No I don't want None Of Your time.


[Verse 2:]
Yous a snitchin ass nigga
Soft get robbed pussy pie ass nigga
Booty dean borrow your brother clothes broke nigga standin at the crap games you lookin ass nigga sittin shot gun dick ridin slub ass nigga
Always where you at when you call ass nigga
You ring my phone bacc to bacc tired ass nigga
You can't keep a job on the corner ass nigga
Bond out of jail and then you bac again ass nigga
Livin witcho mama cheap petty ass nigga
Running outta gas all the time ass nigga
Always wanna borrow a few dollas ass nigga
Ol boppin ass nigga


[Verse 3:]
These fucc niggas lame they swear they makin bread you wanna talk to who bitch you can't gimme head, head the other way make a you turn
Cause I'm a big spender I'm a make yo pockets burn
Ask round the firm and I run the firms
Motivation seminars so my bitches learn
We don't fucc with lames cause we bad bitches
Let em know first quarter that we bout them riches give em tender kisses he'll be blowed away
Especially wen he see how much he gone have to pay a high maintence bitch like kimora lee
O another bad bitch who Victoria B


I see you lame ass nigga I'm bout to start exposin u niggas Start callin niggas names bitch ass niggas Yal niggas don't wanna fuck with me straight up I'm bouts to pop off on n e mutha fucka that want it they can get it Get the fucc outta here Lame ass niggas fucc yal lame ass bitches too Shut the fuck up suck a dick bitches yours truly trina baddest bitch of all times

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