Paroles Hollow de Trish Thuy Trang

Trish Thuy Trang
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  • Artiste: Trish Thuy Trang10706
  • Chanson: Hollow
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Textes et Paroles de Hollow

(Music & Lyrics by Trish)

There are no words I can say to you to show you just how I feel.
There's not a day I don't think of you. Why did it have to end this way?

And now you're gone. Feel so alone.
There's an emptiness inside as life goes on.
Wish that I had more time.
One more chance to hold you tight and say goodbye.

I'm so Hollow, so hollow.
Hollow in my heart, hollow in my soul.
Cause I'm so hollow with sorrow.
Sorrow in my heart, sorrow in my soul
Hollow in my heart cause now you're gone.

The rest of my life will be incomplete, a hole in my heart remains.
When you went away things forever changed
A part of me died with you that day

(Thanks to Van for these lyrics)

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