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Truth Hurts
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  • Chanson: Knock Knock
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Textes et Paroles de Knock Knock

Take one

Not a day goes by
That he don't ring my phone
In a second, in a minute
He'll have this whole room spinning
And he keeps me so high
He has to bring me down
Never once it's always two more
He's knocking at my door again

Always at my door
Knock knock (repeat 3 times)
Always at my door

I'm at work, so is he
He sits right under me
Can't stay still, wouldn't try
He knows my other side
Here I go, once again
My heart is beating fast
Trying hard to hold it in
But I better let it go again

I'm knocking at your door
I'm gonna let you back in
I'm try'na get some more
Put it in - and all your friends
I'm knocking at your door
I'm not gonna let you in again

No I cannot believe
My thoughts won't never end
Voicin facts, I'm so good
You feel right under my hood
One more night, three more games
Which one of us is sorry
I don't want it when you want it
But I need it time and time again

Always at my door
Knock knock (repeat 3 times)
Always at my door

You keep knocking
You can't come in (knock knock)
I bet you wishing
I'll let you in (knock knock)
You can't stop by
Unless you call (knock knock)
What was you thinkin'?
What do you want? (knock knock)

Always at my door
Knock knock (fade)

(Thanks to thobz for these lyrics)

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