Paroles Wheel Of Life de Twelfth Gate

Twelfth Gate
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  • Artiste: Twelfth Gate6538
  • Chanson: Wheel Of Life
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Textes et Paroles de Wheel Of Life

Have you ever tried to understand?
Or followed with fear?
To greatly motivate, just to hesitate
But in your favor keep us, with purpose to guide

We've seen the picture wheel
Right before we pass through the light of love
And allowed another chance
Scarred in, scarred out
In the world you're all alone

Spinning, picture wheel we gaze upon
Spinning, characters in our life abound

Learn to live with hate
Or let it tear you up inside
Beyond the beauty lies
The beast we all despise

Made of fibs and fables
To this are you aligned?
The salvaging of time
Preservation of the mind

A taste of euphoria
Strong dose of reality
It's hardly worth...
You don't see the divine
Only the consequence of failure

Say it, say it's meant to be
But I find it hard to see

Take it as a sign, not a trick of the mind
A vision clear, take another spin
Take another breath

Wheel of life
You're floating in your mind
Wheel of life
A warning to you this time

When you wake up from almost letting go
Third try, still in the game
We let you live and learn
But it makes no sense to me
A speck of dirt to a worm

The winners of the wheel get the chance to spin again
A lesson learned
Life is what you make it

Spinning, they say it's meant to be
Spinning, I find it hard to see
Spinning, they say it's meant to be

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