Paroles Blue Powder Monkey de Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night
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  • Artiste: Twelfth Night38081
  • Chanson: Blue Powder Monkey
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Textes et Paroles de Blue Powder Monkey

time to light the fuse
hey you, with that innocent face
stand proud of the crowd
sugar sweet surprise
time to shatter your illusions
and open your eyes
a thousand angry hearts

fire burning
young hearts will bury the flag
faces glowing in the light
of words that have no strength to bite
sad country sleep soundly, unaware
careful not to tilt the game
both sides must remain the same

dreams of solutions
to/too many years of frustrations
time after time after...

fat preachers
bury their bones in secretive holes
invisible to naked eyes
enclosed in metal uniforms

ulterior motives
all the lies and excuses
time after time after
time after time after

light the fuse
light the fuse
light the fuse
monkey, monkey
light the fuse
light the fuse
light the fuse
go, hey, go

malignant deceivers
puncture our veins
if we fall now the chances are
we'll never raise our voice again

sing to the future
certain from here everafter
time after time after time
just take a minute to breathe

light the fuse
light the fuse
light the fuse
monkey, monkey
light the fuse
light the fuse
light the fuse
go, hey, go
hey monkey

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