Paroles Girl Language de Twenty2

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  • Artiste: Twenty238096
  • Chanson: Girl Language
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Textes et Paroles de Girl Language

There's nothing left for me to do
But wait for you to stop
Saying things that make no sense
You've been talking for an hour
& I'm about to blow up
& I can't find my pants
Does that make sense?

There's no way I could understand
the things you say & that you plan
Or how you always get offended
You're mad again...

Communication's hard
Cause we don't come from the same place
Saying words from outer space
Our complications started
back when we were young of age
It comes from heritage

There's no way I could understand
The things you say about your friends
You're wrong again...
If only it could happen to you
The shit you don't know I've been through

Look at me when I talk to you
There's shit you don't know I've been through

You think you own me
but your heart keeps telling you to walk away
& I don't want to have to make you stay

Cause everybody's wrong
Nobody's right
We can't get along
Everybody's wrong
Nobody's right
Except you of course

There's no way I could understand
The shit you do to every man
It's me again...

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