Paroles I'm Right de Twenty2

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  • Artiste: Twenty238096
  • Chanson: I'm Right
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Textes et Paroles de I'm Right

I just stopped caring
When I realized it wasn't worth the fight
You spend too much time
With simple-minded one-way thinking pricks

I'm not looking for revenge
I just want what's mine
Cause you're eating off my back
I use you the way you use me
I just try to be fair & smart

Nothing you can say could make me change my ways

I got sick of the work getting nowhere
I got sick of the days & the months going nowhere
I have to make my choices
I don't expect you to understand but I'm right

All signs point to yes
There's nothing you can say or do
I'm going my own way
I don't care if it's without you

Because I'm sick of all this shit
& I'm sick of all the waste
I can make it without you
& there's nothing you can do

I got nothing more to say to you
Cause I'm right

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