Paroles 2012 de Twista

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  • Artiste: Twista4123
  • Chanson: 2012
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Textes et Paroles de 2012

If tomorrow the world ends
And in the morning the sun... in the shadows,
I will stay here forever,
Standing right by your side,
You know they say, they say that it's all gonna end someday,
So before it does, let's make love!
Like tomorrow, boy, it's 2012,
The last day I know, 2012
The end of the world, 2012,
And you'll be my man, 2012,
And I'll be your girl,
2012, and 2012, and 2012
2012, and 2012, and 2012

Now they been telling me that these are the last days,
Are we really that close to Armageddon?
If living on the planet until... hell, I survive cause I am late.
... and then you say you need to be my girlfriend.
Hit the... and then you can get the deal like the...
It's predicted by the Maya civilization,
I don't wanna see the world go soon!
With such a beautiful girl in my room,
I wanna be happy when the world go boom.
Get down,.. make your love to a terminator...
The global warmth is having a major effect,
Mother Earth is about to go to another cycle
And I know that is about to end someday.

Right before it goes, right before it goes,
Let's make love! Let's make love!
Like tomorrow was 2012, end of the world,
2012, the last day on the,.. 2012,
You'll be my man!
And you'll be what?
And I'll be you girl,
2012, aha 2012, 2012
2012, aha 2012, 2012

Tomorrow it's all about...
So I'll only live to serve you,
The dark is about to devour the Earth,
So come around with a silver circle,
... artificial intelligence,
As long as we have the passion, the sex,
It makes all our issues irrelevant.

I that is all about to blow, so I sit back and blow my...
Right before it goes, right before it goes,
Standing looking at the clock,
Before it's over let me make your body rock,
Having sex 'till...
And 2012, the last day on the,.. 2012,
2012 the end of the world,
And I'll be your girl,
2012, and 2012, and 2012
2012, and 2012, and 2012

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