Paroles I'm So Hot For You de Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister
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  • Chanson: I'm So Hot For You
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Textes et Paroles de I'm So Hot For You

[words & music: D. Snider]

Ow, alright
Hey girl, across the room
Say I'm in love, babe, it's much too soon
But you know I'd give you everything that I have
Girl, do you know what you're doin' to me?
I'm gettin' burned in the first degree
I want your love, never needed somethin' so bad


Ooh, I need your love, oh, I want your love
All I got to have is your love
Ooh, can't get enough, oh, you're so damn tough
All I ever want, ever need is you


I'm so hot for you
Baby love me through and through
I'm so hot for you
Make you love me like I do

Hard night, just watchin' you
Can't take the way that you do what you do
I got to have you, girl, you know you're driving me mad



Do you wanna play, yeah, you know what to say
Come on, girl, I'm ready, come on, girl, I'm ready
Tell me I can stay, yeah, don't you be that way
Come on, girl, now how can you be so cruel

[Solo - Eddie]


I'm so hot for you
Baby love me through and through
I'm so hot for you
Baby love me through and through
I'm so hot for you
You got me comin' right on cue
I'm so hot for you, yeah
I'm so hot for you, I want your love
I'm so hot for you, can't get enough
I'm so hot for you

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