Paroles Never Say Never de Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister
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  • Artiste: Twisted Sister6549
  • Chanson: Never Say Never
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Textes et Paroles de Never Say Never

Hello, it's me again, the thing that wouldn't die
You thought you had me beaten, now you can't deny
Never woman fire and it's hard inside to burn
They see light up there and lyin' they take the turn

No no no never, no never
No never say never again

Why did you waste your time on those who don't deserve
No nothing flow or sail or get your body there
Wanna let you lookin' at the infiltrated bush
I've got two words for you that can't be misunderstood

Hey, you think you never thought you'd had to face the noise
And nice played back up friend was singin' all the voice
And now you're prayin' you'd got free and you'll not fail
But you'll be goin' to the steamin' iron hell

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