Paroles When The Time Comes de Ultravox

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  • Artiste: Ultravox38189
  • Chanson: When The Time Comes
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Textes et Paroles de When The Time Comes

So you think it's over
So you think that down's
The only way out
A sad excuse for lovers
With your head held high
And your heart still full of doubt
It's just like you to scorn
The only one who'll mourn
The day he doesn't love you


When the time comes I'll cry
On the day you cut the thread
When my heart tears I'll cry

So you gave up giving
And you sit and smile
When the awkward silence falls
Deny the life you're living
Just a fleeting love
That you only half recall
It's just like you to make
A passion turned to hate
The day he doesn't love you


Still we're here together
Feeling helpless as our heaven turns to hell
The taker and the giver
Washed in anger
When we think how far we fell
It's just like you to take
The step than makes the break
The day he doesn't love you

When the time comes I'll cry
When the time comes I'll cry
When the time comes I'll cry
When the time comes I'll cry

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