Paroles Heartless de Unbreakable

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  • Artiste: Unbreakable31073
  • Chanson: Heartless
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Textes et Paroles de Heartless

No guts, no glory, no originality
You are just a fucking sheep, that follows the herd
You got no balls, You're fucking weak
You'll never get respect from me
Lies and treats, spat in your face
and you just stand there, doing nothing
You got no balls, You're fucking weak
You'll never get respect from me
How the fuck can you exspect to gain respect
when you don't even respect yourself?
You are just fucking sheep, that follows the herd
You got no own opinions, you got no heart
All your friends are fakes and so are you
You got no individuality
You try to fit in no matter the cost
You got no balls, You're fucking weak
And guess what you'll never get respect from me

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