Paroles I Leave Stones Unturned de Unbunny

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  • Artiste: Unbunny38208
  • Chanson: I Leave Stones Unturned
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de I Leave Stones Unturned

i motor away, i motor away too soon when i want to stay, and wait. i've got a lot of things to do, but then i hesitate. goddamn the unicorn, goddamn the glitter. i can't sleep. it's too many cars outside when i'm counting sheep. i try to relate but you're vague and you think by now i would have learned, but every time i think i'm close i leave stones unturned.
i motor away, motor away too soon when i want to stay. i've got a lot of things to say, but it's getting late.

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