Paroles Queen of Nothing de Unbunny

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  • Artiste: Unbunny38208
  • Chanson: Queen of Nothing
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Textes et Paroles de Queen of Nothing

i'm sitting here alone in your room
i've been here all afternoon
waiting for your shift to end
you shouldn't leave me here so long
i need someone to feed me medicine
and hold my body down

i'm the queen
i'm the queen of nothing now
and i rule with an iron fist
over beds that won't make themselves

so it's off with their heads
the chairs won't stay in line
and i had to chop the legs off of all the tables
i could really use your help this time
and i accidentally cut myself
and i'm bleeding on the couch again

i'm the queen
i'm the queen of nothing now
and it's hard to keep law and order
when the walls are talking to you
and the dishes seem to multiply

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