Paroles Thin Sable Luv de Unbunny

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  • Artiste: Unbunny38208
  • Chanson: Thin Sable Luv
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Textes et Paroles de Thin Sable Luv

here's a simple song
for a simple girl
cause i've got to get into
her complex world

i draw the line
but it's not so straight
it's going to seem like hell
but i don't mind waiting

my skinny arms are strong enough
to handle your thin, sable love

simply girl
simple girl
i gotta get into your complex

minutes pass like dreams go by
when i watch you through these
wax paper eyes
i feel like a kid who's gonna get caught
with a secret that could blow this whole thing apart

simply girl
simple girl
i gotta get into your complex

i've gotta go
i've said too much
and you're gonna figure out
who i'm talking about

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