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  • Artiste: Unbunny38208
  • Chanson: X
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Textes et Paroles de X

i'm staring at the window
i got brian eno on the stereo
you're gonna be my widow
the only way to get you back
is to get you dressed in black

cause i'm still a fraud
i'm still a fake
i'm self-absorbed
i don't talk straight
i'm full of shit
i'm full of lies
i can't be trusted
i'll let you try
i'm insincere
i'll let you down
burn all my bridges
jerk you around
i am not honest
i'm way off track
you gave me chances
i gave them back
i guess you were right
i guess i was scared
but i'm too opaque
to show if i care
i'm quick to judge
i'm slow to change
i'll talk about you
when you're out of range
i wish i was different
i wish i was good
but no one can save me
nobody should

afraid of decisions
afraid of love
afraid of the future
all of the above
i like for shortcuts
when conflict arises
all sleight of hand
elaborate disguises
i lack respect
i lack intent
i know i'm careless
i won't relent
cause i can't relent

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