Paroles I Am A 3 Legged Dog de Uncle Jim

Uncle Jim
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  • Artiste: Uncle Jim38216
  • Chanson: I Am A 3 Legged Dog
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Textes et Paroles de I Am A 3 Legged Dog

I am a 3 legged dog
I live in a 4 legged world
I can spin, I can twirl
I can run, I can jump
But some times I trip
on my stump, stump stump,
stump stump
I am a 3 legged dog

I was not born this way
A speeding car took my paw away
We'd escaped from the yard,
my buddy and me,
now he's buried out by the tree,
by the tree
I am a 3 legged dog

I tried out for the circus one day
They put me so high on a wire
Just walking down the street is hard enough
As I fell to the net all they heard was my
Ruff Ruff Ruff
I am a 3 legged dog

People always give me a treat
They think my misfortune is sweet
Don't ask me to shake but I'll sit up real straight
If I pee on your shoes, it's not because I'm mean
I am a 3 legged dog

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