Paroles In Join With The Devil de Undercroft

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  • Artiste: Undercroft6292
  • Chanson: In Join With The Devil
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Textes et Paroles de In Join With The Devil

We are just one... we are the magic spell
Join us with him !
Seven years of crimes
Seven years of insults
Seven blasphemies to the holy world !
I am the word
We are the prophecy
We are the race of a lost world !
Nine days in hell
Nine nights of glory
Seven graves of death showing all the way !
Six rising hands
Six bloody daggers
Six hateful eyes watching all around !
We are just one... we are the magic spell
Join us with him !
Three sordid minds
One destiny
Three prisioners of the iron hall !!!
Six bloody daggers
Seven ancient curses
One way to die and kill' em all !!!
In join with the devil

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